HPLC/GC Columns and Supplies

EndeavorsilEndeavorsil C181.8 ¼m UHPLC columns


Exceptional speed, resolution, and sensitivity

LeapsilLeapsil C182.7 ¼m, compatible with all HPLC and UHPLC instruments
Flexible method development
InspireInspire C18
Inspire C8
Inspire HILIC
Inspire Diol
High-end columns to meet high separation demands
Rapid separations with outstanding resolutions
Superior batch-to-batch reproducibility
SpursilSpursil C18
Spursil C18-EP
Polar modification columns with maximal polar retention and selectivity
Silanol shielding for excellent peak shape
Suitable for highly aqueous mobile phase conditions
PlatisilPlatisil C18
Platisil NH2
Platisil CN
Platisil PH
Platisil Silica
Universal and cost-effective columns
Unique selectivity, excellent peak shape
Useful in normal or reversed phase applications
DiamonsilDiamonsil® C18
Diamonsil® C8
Diamonsil® AAA
Universal reversed phase columns
High efficiency and outstanding lifetime
Bio-BondBio-Bond C18
Bio-Bond C8
Bio-Bond C4
300 Ã, designed to analyze and purify proteins, peptides, and biomolecules
Direct scale-up to preparative material

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