May Newsletter


MAY 2020

Indeed, our healthcare professionals working hard and governments managing the crisis well to bring back the conditions to normal. We as Krins Lifesciences working responsively to source the needed supplies to our Customers and Healthcare networks. Krins has the supply of COVID-19 rapid testing kit suitable for clinical labs. This test reduces the testing time and eventually facilitate the doctors to decide on isolation, treatment or quarantine of the suspects. If your clinical laboratory is looking for something like this, you can reach to us for a quotation.

COVID-19 rapid test for Clinical Labs

  • Easy to use

  • No special equipment required

  • Clear and easy-to-interpret result

Test Related Equipment

New Automatic, Autoclavable pipettes from RADWAG®

Diamond PRO™ Research micropipettes with autoclavable tip cone

KGS 150810 Suitable 1-20uL tips for Labnet® Labpette Discovery® pipettors

Pipet Tips from Globe Scientific for Eppendorf®, Oxford®, Gilson®, Pipetman® and Ultra Micro pipettors, Filtered tips from Globe Scientific, Standard tips from Globe Scientific

Micro centrifuge tubes

Micro tube Racks

Mini Centrifuge

This rapid one step lateral flow immunoassay is meant for detecting the specific early response IgM antibodies and late response IgG antibodies related to SARS CoV-2 virus. This is a plasma/serum based In Vitro diagnostic test that is suitable for any basic kind of clinical laboratory. The test will finish in 20 minutes. Results are quick and easy to interpret. Hence it is based on the specific IgG and IgM antibodies, very useful to differentially categorize negatives, positives, carriers and, people with infection history in a short testing time.

Krins is prepared to assist valued customers amid COVID-19 effect. Please visit our website for online shopping or drop an e-mail for quotation.

  • Glassware & Plasticware for analytical laboratory testing & Research
  • Molecular biology Reagents
  • Chemicals and Microbiological media for testing and research
  • Consumables for Sample Collection, Storage and Processing
  • Laboratory equipment

World countries are now inclined to relax the lockdown restrictions gradually and in phases to recover the lost economy due to covid-19 effect. In such situations public is strongly recommended to be cautious while in outdoors in terms of distancing, wearing masks/face coverings, using hand sanitizers to curb the next wave. This kind of scenario adds up to the existing demand for masks, sanitizers and gloves. It is advised for all to secure these minimum necessary gear in stock for this spring and summer.