8 Tube Strip with Attached Caps (0.2 ml)


Polypropylene tube strips and cap strips are specifically designed for PCR use and are ideal for thermal transfer applications.



Polypropylene tube and cap strips are appropriate for thermal transfer applications and are specifically intended for PCR use.

  • Thermal transfer is exact and even across the tube’s surface thanks to the ultra-thin and constant tube walls.
  • The unique cap design ensures a perfect fit during heat cycling, preventing sample evaporation.

Tubes are free of lubricants, dyes, heavy metals, and fillers and are manufactured from highly polished moulds. RNase, DNase, and pyrogen-free tubes and caps are confirmed by lot number.

The polypropylene 8-strip tubes with individually attached caps have additional features that meet a variety of customer requirements. These have a stronger connection between each tube and the caps connected, in addition to several of the features of a PCR tube strip.

Material : PP Autoclavable


Code Packing
KTS 500055 300

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Code no.

KTS 500055