CNT Dispersant AC


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Packing : 20 ml

HSN Code : 28030090
IMDG Identification : Not Regulated for Transport (Non-Haz)
Storage : Room Temperature

CNT Dispersant AC

Non-aqueous Dispersion Procedure for CNT Dispersant AC With the addition of SRL CNT Dispersant AC to a non-aqueous suspension of Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs), their dispersion properties are greatly improved. Without the addition of this dispersant, dispersions of CNTs will separate out of suspension immediately. Dispersions made with CNT Dispersant AC, are very stable for weeks requiring only ultra-sonication before use.

Following is our recommended incorporation procedure for lab scale work:
1. Place 0.1 g of powdered CNTs in a 100 ml flask.
2. Add 10ml CNT Dispersant AC solution to the flask.
3. Add 90 ml of acetone, MEK, or other polar, nonaqueous solvents. For ethanol and DMF, we typically recommend SRL CNT Dispersant AQ (Prod. Code 0330427).
4. Immerse in an ultrasonic bath for 10 minutes. Alternatively, an ultrasonic probe works both better and faster than an ultrasonic bath.
1. Dispersion is ready to use and can be used immediately. If dispersion is to be used later, please resonicate for 5 minutes to ensure adequate mixing.
2. The colour of the solvent should blacken indicating that a suspension is being produced.

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20 ml