Germiphene | Antiseptic Skin Cleanser




Distribited By Krins Lifesciences
SKU# 1G-KRIC-Gel Antiseptic Skin Gel
  • Contains 70% Ethanol
  • Enriched with chamomile + emollients
  • Evaporates quickly for easy glove donning
  • Does not impact glove performance
  • Dye free*, residue free (*excludes Orange Mandarin)
  • Designed for use between patient contact to reduce cross-contamination
Available in 480ml, 946ml, 1L Cartridge, 2L, and 4L quantity packs
Available in Chamomile, Ginger Citrus, Orange Mandarin Fragrances
SKU# 2G-KRIC-Foam | Antiseptic Skin Cleanser
  • Sanitizes and moisturizes skin
  • Contains 70% Ethyl alcohol
  • Tough on germs, Gentle on skin
  • Stable, fluffy cream like foam
  • Non sticky, Non greasy
  • Dries fast for easy glove donning
  • Dye free, Non aerosol foam
Available in 550ml and 1L Cartridge quantity packs
Fragrance Free
SKU# 3G-KRIC-Hand Cleanser
Thyme for Soothing Skin | Antimicrobial Hand Cleanser
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Enriched with essential oils and chamomile
  • Protects skin from frequent hand wash affects
  • Fresh garden thyme aroma
  • Dye free
  • Triclosan free
Available in 480ml quantity pack
SKU#4G-KR-UREAK | Healing Hands Cream
  • Made with 10% urea – a natural hygroscopic moisturizing agent
  • Enriched with chamomile to soothe irritated and itchy skin
  • Absorbs quickly and greasy free
  • Gives skin soft and silky smooth effect
  • Protects and heals dry, cracked skin
  • Latex compatible, petroleum free, paraben free
  • Made for hands constantly exposed to frequent washing, harsh chemicals,glove use and the risk of infection
Available in 100ml and 480 ml quantity packs
Available in Winter Pear Scented and Fragrance free Forms.
SKU#-4-KG-Micro- Viro-P | Antimicrobial Liquid Hand Wash
  • Made with PCMX- residual effect that lasts for hours
  • Contains 0.6% Chloroxylenol
  • Enriched with Aloe vera, lanolin and emollients
  • Fresh herbal fragrance
  • Triclosan free
Available in 480ml and 4L quantity packs
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