iStir Elite overhead stirrer


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iStir KN Elite Series Overhead Stirrer

Powerful BLDC motor for maintenance free long life
torque upto 100Ncm
Speed setting from 50 upto 2000 RPM
Max loading Capacity upto 100 litres
Easy to operate interface with independent control with no shared display
viscosity upto 70000 mPas
smart controlled operation
timer upto 99 hours and 59 minutes and infinite operation mode
Clockwise-Counter-Clockwise interchange
power intermittent mode


The Stand, Boss head & Impeller needs to be purchased separately. (refer below)

iStir KN OH 50E

50 Ncm, 50 litre capacity, upto 2000 RPM, 30000 mPas

iStir KN OH 75E

75 Ncm, 75 litre capacity, upto 2000 RPM, 50000 mPas

iStir KN OH 100E

100 Ncm, 100 litre capacity, upto 1300 RPM, 70000 mPas