RADWAG Remote Desktop




RADWAG Remote Desktop is a set of tools enabling operation of a weighing device by means of a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

  • RRD Win 10 has been designed to be operated on computers and mobile devices with Windows 10 OS -?download.
  • RRD Android has been designed to be operated on mobile devices with Android OS – download.

RADWAG Remote Desktop enables operation of weighing instruments of 3Y, 4Y and HY10 series (the instruments must feature suitab).


  • Operating devices on which the RRD Server is running via remote desktop functionality,
  • Remote access to hardware buttons,
  • Compatible devices detected automatically or accessible by entering their IP adresses manually,
  • Links to training videos on Youtube,
  • Sending text to the connected device,
  • Fit the the screen’s width or height toggle,
  • Program works in Polish and English languages.