Waterproof stainless steel platforms

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Maximum capacity [Max]: 3kg

Single load cell stainless steel weighing platfroms


Product name
Maximum capacity [Max]
Readability [d]
Weighing pan dimensions
KR PL/3/H1 3 kg 150?200 mm
KR PL/6/H2 6 kg 250?300 mm
KR PL/15/H2 15 kg 250?300 mm
KR PL/15/H3 15 kg 410?410 mm
KR PL/30/H3 30 kg 410?410 mm
KR PL/60/H6 60 kg 800?800 mm
KR PL/60/H5 60 kg 600?600 mm
KR PL/60/H4 60 kg 500?500 mm
KR PL/60/H3 60 kg 410?410 mm
KR PL/60/H3/5 60 kg 400?600 mm
KR PL/150/H3 150 kg 410?410 mm
KR PL/150/H5 150 kg 600?600 mm
KR PL/150/H6 150 kg 800?800 mm
KR PL/150/H4 150 kg 500?500 mm
KR PL/60/H3/5 150 kg 400?600 mm
KR PL/300/H6 300 kg 800?800 mm


Additional information

product name

KR PL/3/H1, KR PL/6/H2, KR PL/15/H2, KR PL/15/H3, KR PL/30/H3, KR PL/60/H6, KR PL/60/H5, KR PL/60/H4, KR PL/60/H3, KR PL/60/H3/5, KR PL/150/H3, KR PL/150/H5, KR PL/150/H6, KR PL/150/H4, KR PL/60/H3/5, KR PL/300/H6