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About Us

Krins Life Sciences Inc has a great network to offer the best operational resources for businesses in the life sciences industry. Krins Life Sciences has well-established relationships with product manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers worldwide.

Krins offers a one stop shop solution through online, brick and mortar, and on-site services to businesses in the life science industry. Services include product distributions, consulting, analytical testing services, as well as business development services. Our products and services allow corporations to curtail operations costs, while simultaneously developing and marketing their businesses through profitable and productive partnerships with us. For more information about the services Krins can provide for your business, please click here.


Mission Statement
Offer single-platform support to businesses in life science industries, Krins Life Sciences is committed to bridge the gap between science, resources, and commercial operation.
Share the resources and grow with our allies and partners to Become one-stop solution provider for lifesciences industry and to offer end user through us and our business allies affordable, quality and compliant products and services.