Class A Flasks

Class A Flasks (Volumetric Flask)

A Volumetric Flask is a type of laboratory glassware that is being used in laboratories for volumetric determination. Class A volumetric flask is a flat bottom bulb with elongated neck, usually  calibrated to contain a precise volume at a specific temperature. Class A Laboratory flask/Glassware suggests reliability with construction and compliance requirements. Class A flasks are the preferred choice for Volumetric estimation. Class A and B requirements specified in ASTM Test method document ASTM E694 AND ASTM E542. Class A flask complies with ISO 9000 series standards. Class A is standard made for Glassware such as Measuring flask, Erlenmeyer flask, graduated flask, measuring cylinder. Volumetric flasks are used for accurate dilutions and preparation of standard solutions and quantitative estimation of liquid used in testing. A volumetric flask is used to measure a very specific volume of liquid (100 mL, 250 mL, etc., depending on the volume needed to measure ).Volumetric  flask is used to accurately prepare a solution of known concentration.

The Volumetric Flask is usually pear-shaped, with a flat bottom, and made of glass or plastic-material such as Polymethylpentene. Polymethylpentene(PMP) Volumetric flask is also available with Class A tolerance according to ISO 1042 standards. The flask’s mouth is either provided with a plastic snap or screw cap or fitted with a joint to accommodate a PTFE.PP, or glass stopper.  The neck of volumetric flasks is long stretched and narrow with ring graduation marking etched on it. Marking indicates how much volume of liquid can be contained when filled up to that point. The marking is typically calibrated “to contain ” (marked “TC”) at 20 °C and indicated in the same way on a label. The flask’s label also specifies the nominal volume, tolerance, precision class, applicable manufacturing standard and the manufacturer’s logo. Volumetric flasks come in various sizes-1 millilitre to 2 liters volumetric flasks normally used by laboratory analysts. Class A, volumetric flasks have accurate marks for volume and have a unique serial number for traceability. The other one is the Class B standard. Where Class A flask is not required, Class B flasks can be used for qualitative or educational work. Class A glass volumetric flasks are made from borosilicate glass which has superior thermal and chemical resistance.The accuracy of Class A  standard laboratory measuring labwares remain stable for longer period then Class B  standard measuring labwares(glassware or plasticware)

Krins lifesciences has  assorted ranges of Class A standard  Volumetric flasks and other type of  flasks or cylinders. Krins lifesciences flasks categories  are made up of either borosilicate  or plastic materials(PMP,PP) complying to Class A and Class B standards. If testing needs to use light sensitive material then amber color glass or light resistant glass material volumetric flaks are also available with Krins lifesciences. Krins lifesciences Volumetric flasks are also  available with screw caps or snap caps, stoppers made of PTFE, glass or polyethylene. Penny head or wide mouth volumetric flask are also available with Krins lifesciences. Krins lifesciences offers various capacity of flasks( from 1 litre ro 5 ml) Krins lifesciences also process order for  custom capacity measuring or volumetric flasks, for Krins lifesciences any quantity packaging can be served either it is a pack of one or two. Email at to get quick response