Non-sterile Transfer pipets (1.2mL)


The risk of broken glass and infectious materials is eliminated with these unbreakable all-in-one graduated transfer pipets. Pipets are made of see-through low density polyethylene and may be sealed and chilled. They are inert to biological fluids and most acids. The low-affinity surface prevents cells and valuable proteins from being lost owing to binding. Fluids can be transferred quickly and safely with this device. Gas sterilisation of transfer pipets is possible.

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Material: Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

Packaging: Non-sterile transfer pipets are packaged in a unique dispenser box. This convenient box is small and compact and ideal for bench-top use. The hinged front panel opens for quick access to the pipets and can be closed when not in use to keep the contents clean. Each dispenser box contains 500 pipets.


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KGS 138040 Transfer Pipet, 1.2mL, General Purpose, 65mm, Bulb Draw – 0.9mL Box of 500
Case of 5000


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KGS 138040 Box of 500, KGS 138040 Case of 5000