Buchner Funnels


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Molded of polypropylene, these funnels are unbreakable and resistant to corrosion and heat. Two piece construction allows top and bottom to be separated for easy cleaning. The funnels are fully autoclavable and feature excellent chemical resistance.

These funnels are approved for use with food products.


Item No. Description Unit Price
KGS 600437 Funnel, Buchner, PP, 45mm Each $13.60
KGS 600438 Funnel, Buchner, PP, 55mm Each $15.40
KGS 600439 Funnel, Buchner, PP, 70mm Each $16.00
KGS 600440 Funnel, Buchner, PP, 80mm Each $19.80
KGS 600441 Funnel, Buchner, PP, 90mm Each $23.80
KGS 600442 Funnel, Buchner, PP 110mm Each $31.80
KGS 600443 Funnel, Buchner, PP, 160mm Each $55.60
KGS 600445 Funnel, Buchner, PP, 240mm Each $95.80


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KGS 600437, KGS 600438, KGS 600439, KGS 600440, KGS 600441, KGS 600442, KGS 600443, KGS 600445