Dimethyl Sulphoxide (DMSO) extrapure AR, ACS, ExiPlus™, 99.9%


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CAS No. 67-68-5

HSN Code : 29309099
IMDG Identification : Not Regulated for Transport (Non-Haz)
Molecular Formula : C2H6SO
Molecular Weight : 78.13
Storage : Room Temperature
Shelf Life : 60 Months


ExiPlus meets compendial specs of Ph.Eur, USP
Appearance (Clarity) Clear
Appearance (Colour) Colourless
Appearance (Form) Liquid
Colour (APHA) max. 10
Solubility with water Passes
Assay (GC) min. 99.9%
Density (g/ml) @ 20°C 1.099-1.101
Refractive Index (20°C) 1.478-1.479
Boiling Range 189-192°C
Freezing Point 17-18°C
Non Volatile Matter max. 0.002%
Acidity (CH3COOH) max. 0.001%
Iron (Fe) max. 0.00005%
Substance Discoloured by H2SO4 Passes test
Heavy Metals (Pb) max. 0.0001%
Copper (Cu) max. 0.00005%
Water (KF) max. 0.03%

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500 ml, 2500 ml