Dithizone extrapure AR, ACS, ExiPlus™, 85%


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CAS No. 60-10-6

HSN Code : 29143990
IMDG Identification : Not Regulated for Transport (Non-Haz)
Molecular Formula : C13H12N4S
Molecular Weight : 256.33
Storage : Room Temperature
Shelf Life : 60 Months


ExiPlus meets compendial specs of BP, Ph.Eur
Appearance (Colour) Black to purple black
Appearance (Form) Crystalline powder
Absorbance (A) of 1% solution in Chloroform in a 1cm cell
@620nm min.1150
Assay min. 85%
Spectral Ratio (A620nm/A450nm) min.1.55
Sulphated Ash max. 0.2 %
Heavy Metals (Pb) max. 0.001 %

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5 G, 25 G