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DWM automatic checkweigher provides the highest quality. It is applied mainly for pharmaceutical and food industry. Used magnetoelectric modules allow to weigh products quickly, providing the highest accuracy of weighment. The device features a friendly, intuitive interface and several built-in functions that enable the statistical data operation and service process.
Checkweigher allows a precise control of packaged products in accordance with the valid regulations. A modular base construction allows a flexible configuration of the device.
Complex communication modules fully integrate the scales with the production line, which makes automatic operation of the line possible. Connecting the checkweigher to the computer system allows to monitor production process on-line, save the weighments, generate the reports considering the weighing statistics, quantitative statistics and the production line failures and stoppages.
DWM automatic checkweigher series is designed to control single products with mass not greater than 7500 g. Scale software enables setting the parameters according to customers regulations or according to the current regulation on Control of Packaged Goods. The flexible limits working mode was designed for pharmaceutical concerns. DWM automatic scales series is attested by NIH.

Main applications :
? Control of goods in accordance with regulation on Control of Packaged Goods,
? Full control of production process,
? Control over dozing devices,
? Control over the products packaging precision,
? Weighing medicines, blister packs, syrups, etc.


  • Statistical weighing;
  • Dynamic weighing;
  • Database of operators on different access level;
  • Assortment database;
  • Weighments database;
  • Reports database;
  • Tresholds control +/-;
  • Control of goods in accordance with regulation on Control of Packaged Goods;
  • Control of goods in accordance with customer regulations;
  • Autocontrol;
  • Automatic correction of the package mass;
  • Control of the rejector work accuracy;
  • The supply installation pressure control;
  • Bin overload sensor;
  • Cooperation with dozers;
  • Cooperation with PLC controller;
  • Reporting;
  • Export of reports to PDF files;
  • Control of products flow;
  • Control of products dimensions;
  • Flexible regulation of transporters velocity.

The checkweigher features an industrial computer and Windows Embedded operating system. This solution allows an intuitive and easy cooperation with the device. The scale and standard office interface are similar, which facilitates the operation.

Database module was designed on the basis of Microsoft SQL Server, which allows a stable and safe saving of data generated by the scale, as well as an easy connection of the database with the client?s software. Saving the databases and weighment records on two separate memory carriers provides high security.
All checkweigher elements like drives, rejectors, emergency buttons, warning lights are controlled by the real time controller, which guarantees the flow of work and an instant reaction to the emergency signals.

Checkweighers provide the full exchange of data via Ethernet network. The communication protocol ensures the automatic transfer of weighment records, databases update, introduction of new settings and the device work monitoring in on-line mode.

Product name
Maximum capacity [Max]
Readability [d]
Weighing pan dimensions
KR DWM 750 Checkweigher 750 g 0,1 g ????????????????? ? ? ? –
KR DWM 1500 Checkweigher 1500 g 0,2 g ????????????????? ? ? ? –
KR DWM 3000 Checkweigher 3000 g 0,5 g ????????????????? ? ? ? –
KR DWM 7500 Checkweigher 7500 g 1 g ????????????????? ? ? ? –


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product name

KR DWM 750 Checkweigher, KR DWM 1500 Checkweigher, KR DWM 3000 Checkweigher, KR DWM 7500 Checkweigher