DWT/RC/HYF Checkweighers


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Automatic checkweigher DWT/RC/HYF series is dedicated to work on technological lines of food industry, where high humidity and frequent high pressure cleaning are the major issues. The construction has been designed to enable fast and easy cleaning. Special emphasis has been put on elimination of gaps, spaces and flat surfaces susceptible to condensates and waterstains. The structure of the conveyor belt allows washing it inside and outside without dissembling. The electronics has been placed high above the weighing platform for minimizing the possibility of inundation of the control panel. The checkweigher DWT/RC/HYF series is created in accordance with vertical space division. ?Clean zone? ranges from the floor to the level of the conveyor belt (the area where food and production waste accumulates). ?Technological zone? is placed above the production line.

The control mechanism is based on a terminal HY series, facilitating easy communication between the operator and the machine and providing additional features.

Standard functions:
– Database of operators and products
– RS 232/485 and Ethernet interfaces
– I/O control
– Current weighing statistics
– Automatic printouts
– Reports
– Cooperation with computer software

Additional functions:
– Faulty goods discriminator
– Barcode scanner
– The checkweigher can be equipped with standard ink printers and labelling printers allowing to print the tags of the weighed products
– Sounder and/or Warning tower lights
– Cooperation with feeders, mounted to the front side, in a feedback system.


Product name
Maximum capacity [Max]
Readability [d]
Weighing pan dimensions
KR DWT/RC 10/HYF Checkweigher 10 kg 5 g
KR DWT/RC 15/HYF Checkweigher 15 kg 5 g
KR DWT/RC 30/HYF Checkweigher 30 kg 10 g
KR DWT/RC 60/HYF Checkweigher 60 kg 20 g
KR DWT/RC 120/HYF Checkweigher 120 kg 50 g
KR DWT/RC 150/HYF Checkweigher 150 kg 50 g


Additional information

product name

KR DWT/RC 10/HYF Checkweigher, KR DWT/RC 15/HYF Checkweigher, KR DWT/RC 30/HYF Checkweigher, KR DWT/RC 60/HYF Checkweigher, KR DWT/RC 120/HYF Checkweigher, KR DWT/RC 150/HYF Checkweigher