High capacity precision balances




New solution for high capacity precision balances:

  • PS 3Y
  • PS X2
  • PS R2

Weighing pan in new high capacity PS balances (models: 6100, 8100, 10100) is centrally fastened using additional compression ring.This solution improves balance tightness and simplifies its cleaning. In order to increase accuracy, the new balances are equipped with metal anti-draft shield painted the same colour as the balance. Another advantages of new balances are higher permissible capacity (up to 10.1kg) and smaller dispersion of indications – higher repeatability.

View the list of high capacity balances:

Product name Maximum capacity [Max] Readability [d] Weighing pan dimensions
KR PS 6100.X2 6100 g 10 mg 195?195 mm
KR PS 6100.3Y 6100 g 10 mg 195?195 mm
KR PS 8100.3Y 8100 g 10 mg 195?195 mm
KR PS 8100.X2 8100 g 10 mg 195?195 mm
KR PS 8100.R2 8100 g 10 mg 195?195 mm
KR PS 10100.R2 10100 g 10 mg 195?195 mm
KR PS 10100.3Y 10100 g 10 mg 195?195 mm
KR PS 10100.X2 10100 g 10 mg 195?195 mm

Precision balance PS 3Y series features a 5,7? TFT colourful touch screen display providing new approach to balance operation and presentation of measurement result. The balance enables highly developed customization of its settings through user profiles. The 3Y series comprises automatic internal adjustment system using an internal mass standard. The balance level is monitored by a LevelSENSING system, a patented solution including an electronic level. A new feature of the 3Y series is on-line monitoring of ambient conditions by means of either internal sensors or external ambient conditions module THB.

The PS.X2 series represents a new advanced level for precision balances.
The X2 series balances feature the latest generation capacitive display providing the maximum comfort of use, available right at your fingertips. Ease of operation, clear menu and practical arrangement of the display guarantee the best ergonomics for your everyday tasks. A wide array of available interfaces facilitate selection of the most optimal means for communication. The X2 series balances offer unlimited possibilities for cooperation with external devices, providing printing, copying, archiving and data transfer.
Built-in IR sensors allow numerous operations (e.g. tarring, transmitting the result to a printer or selecting successive steps of a particular process, etc.) to be performed handsfree, by simply moving a hand across the sensor. The housing is made of plastic, and the pan is made of stainless steel.

PS.R2 series balances represent a new standard of precision balances. They feature a new, readable LCD display which allows a clearer presentation of the weighing result. Besides, the display has a new text information line allowing to show additional messages and data, e.g. product name or tare value.
New PS.R2 balances, like previously designed PS series balances, have pans in two possible dimensions: 128×128 mm or 195×195 mm. balances with a smaller pan have a draft shield. The balance precision and the measurement accuracy is assured by automatic internal adjustment, which takes into consideration temperature changes and time flow.
PS.R2 balances feature several communication interfaces: 2 x RS 232, type A USB, type B USB and optional Wireless Connection.

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KR PS 6100.X2, KR PS 6100.3Y, KR PS 8100.3Y, KR PS 8100.X2, KR PS 8100.R2, KR PS 10100.R2, KR PS 10100.3Y, KR PS 10100.X2