HY10.HRP.H High Resolution Scales




HY10.HRP the series of professional high resolution weighing platforms, perfectly suits every single branch of industry requiring great weighing accuracy, precision and repeatability of measurement in challenging industrial environment.

Data safety and archiving is assured by software.

Product name
Maximum capacity [Max]
Readability [d]
Weighing pan dimensions
KR HY10.16.HRP.H 16 kg 0,1 g 360?280 mm
KR HY10.32.HRP.H 32 kg 0,1 g 360?280 mm
KR HY10.62.HRP.H 62 kg 0,5 g 500?500 mm
KR HY10.120.HRP.H 120 kg 1 g 500?500 mm
KR HY10.150.HRP.H 150 kg 1 g 800?600 mm
KR HY10.300.1.HRP.H 300 kg 2 g 1000?800 mm
KR HY10.300.HRP.H 300 kg 2 g 800?600 mm
KR HY10.600.HRP.H 600 kg 5 g 1000?800 mm
KR HY10.1100.HRP.H 1100 kg 10 g 1000?800 mm
KR HY10.2000.HRP.H 2000 kg 20 g 1250?1000 mm


Additional information

product name

KR HY10.16.HRP.H, KR HY10.32.HRP.H, KR HY10.62.HRP.H, KR HY10.120.HRP.H, KR HY10.150.HRP.H, KR HY10.300.1.HRP.H, KR HY10.300.HRP.H, KR HY10.600.HRP.H, KR HY10.1100.HRP.H, KR HY10.2000.HRP.H