Pitchers with Molded Graduations


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These pitchers are ideal for all general laboratory procedures. In one pitcher you can mix, measure and prepare solutions. The pitchers have a no-drip pour spout and a molded-in handle with thumb grip. They are made from heavy-duty plastic and withstands repeated autoclaving. Switching from glass beakers to Globe’s plastic equivalents will greatly reduce breakage and the potential for injury.


  • Molded in handle with thumb grip
  • Special no-drip pour spout.
  • Graduated in milliliters (mL)


Item No. Description Unit Price
KGS 601156 Pitcher, PP, Molded Graduations, 500mL Each
Case of 60
KGS 601157 Pitcher, PP, Molded Graduations, 1000mL Each
Case of 48
KGS 601158 Pitcher, PP, Molded Graduations, 2000mL Each
Case of 36
KGS 601159 Pitcher, PP, Molded Graduations, 3000mL Each
Case of 27
KGS 601160 Pitcher, PP, Molded Graduations, 5000mL Each
Case of 12


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KGS 601156 Each, KGS 601156 Case of 60, KGS 601157 Each, KGS 601157 Case of 48, KGS 601158 Each, KGS 601158 Case of 36, KGS 601159 Each, KGS 601159 Case of 27, KGS 601160 Each, KGS 601160 Case of 12