PM C32 Precision Balances




PM series balances are equipped with an innovative measuring system based on MonoBLOCK technology. This enables operation with readability of 0.5g at capacity of 60 kg.
Use of the new measuring system, which is a subject matter of patent, guarantees stability of repeatability over time at a range sd<1d. The unique measuring system solution is characterized with great resistance to ambient conditions change.
An in-built 4-point protection system prevents balance overloading, this ensures safety in case too heavy load is applied onto the weighing pan.
Main features:
  • new MonoBLOCK sensor;
  • unrivalled repeatability of indications;
  • weighing of heavy loads with maximum accuracy;
  • intuitive operation guaranteed by a membrane keyboard;
  • fast mass measurements;
  • robust mechanical design ? new lower weighing platform;
  • improved ergonomics ? two types of weighing terminal for selection.

Balance offers possibility of weighing loads outside the weighing platform (so called under-pan weighing). This is an alternative for weighing loads with non-standard dimensions and shapes or those generating magnetic field.

Product name Maximum capacity [Max] Readability [d] Weighing pan dimensions
KR PM 10.C32 10 kg 0,01 g 200?185 mm
KR PM 15.C32 15 kg 0,01 g 200?185 mm
KR PM 25.C32 25 kg 0,1 g 347?259 mm
KR PM 35.C32 35 kg 0,1 g 347?259 mm
KR PM 50.C32 50 kg 0,1 g 347?259 mm
KR PM 60.05.C32 60 kg 0,5 g 400?500 mm
KR PM 60.1.C32 60 kg 1 g 400?500 mm



Additional information

product name

KR PM 10.C32, KR PM 15.C32, KR PM 25.C32, KR PM 35.C32, KR PM 50.C32, KR PM 60.05.C32, KR PM 60.1.C32