RADWAG Connect




RADWAG Connect is a new tool intended for mobile devices operation of which is based on Windows 10. The program facilitates communication via local network with weighing instruments. It enables access to instruments? basic functions: taring, zeroing, record of weighings, measurements export. RADWAG Connect uses any stationary or mobile device with Windows 10 operating system installed: desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone.


  • establishing communication with all balances, scales and weighing modules using Common Communication Protocol,
  • communication via local network,
  • support of basic functions: record of current mass, taring, zeroing,
  • auto searching for devices,
  • connecting with few devices simultaneously, swapping between them,
  • clear list of connected platforms (scales),
  • record of measurements in the program,
  • export of carried out measurements to CSV file,
  • work performed using freely selected device with Windows 10 operating system installed: desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones,
  • languages: Polish and English.