RADWAG Development Studio




RADWAG Development Studio is a software intended for companies willing to develop their own tools for communication with RADWAG-manufactured weighing equipment.
The purpose of RDS is to familiarize customers with solutions used while developing RADWAG communication protocol (Common Communication Protocol). RDS contains examples of finished code and additional instructions which allow to simplify and accelerate development of new software.
RDS is all a programmer needs to design software which enables error-free communication with our equipment.


  • Presentation of functions (and subfunctions) of communication protocol (Common Communication Protocol),
    • Information on which of the functions are available for balances, scales, weighing modules and terminals,
  • Examples of fully-operational source code, ready to be applied in new applications using copy+paste method,
  • Possibility of connection with weighing equipment on which each function is carried out,
    • Packets that are sent and received during operation are presented as text command, in hexadecimal form and in bytes,
  • Library with mass control, contained within the development environment, is available for a programmer,
  • Complete documentation of the communication protocol,
  • Set of instructions regarding other solutions for programmers employed in companies using RADWAG-manufactured equipment,
  • Available in English language version.