Slide Storage Box with Removable Tray


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      • Storage Box features hinged lid for protection while providing easy access to slides
      • Transparent lid provides clear view of the contents without opening
      • Removable draining tray holds 100 slides in pre-numbered slots
      • Tray provides speace between each slide so slides can be tilted forward and back for easy identification
      • Tray can accomodate up to 200 slides (2 in each pre-numbered slot) on end for space savings
      • Removable draining trays are also available separately


    Item No. Description Unit
    KGS 513250 Microscope Slide Stoage Box with Removable Tray (Assorted Colors Available) Each
    KGS 513252 Slide Draining Tray for Slide Storage Box (Assorted Colors Available) Each

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KGS 513250, KGS 513252


blue, green, pink, white, yellow