Slide Storage Cabinet


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This sturdy, heavy-duty, high capacity metal slide storage cabinet is an ideal solution for the safe, long-term storage of slide specimens. Each cabinet unit holds up to 4,500 slides. Up to 10 units can be secured together on a single base for a total of 45,000 slides per stack!

  • Each cabinet unit contains 6 dual slotted drawers
  • Each drawer holds up to 750 slides (4,500 slides per 6 drawer cabinet unit)
  • One base is required for each new stack of (up to) 10 cabinets
  • Interlocking system locks the stacked cabinet units together
  • Each drawer has brass pull knob and identification card holder – identification cards included
  • Included foam blocks keep slides upright in drawers
  • Fits all standard sized microscope slides: 25 x 75mm or 3 x 1″
  • Chemical resistant plastic powder coating
  • Smooth sliding drawers
  • Available in green, tan, and white


Item No. Description Unit Price
KGS 513500G Slide Storage Cabinet, Green Each $167.00
KGS 513503G Slide Storage Base, Green Each $120.80
KGS 513500T Slide Storage Cabinet, Tan Each $188.00
KGS 513503T Slide Storage Base, Tan Each $120.80
KGS 513500W Slide Storage Cabinet, White Each $188.00
KGS 513503W Slide Storage Base, White Each $120.80


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KGS 513500G, KGS 513503G, KGS 513500T, KGS 513503T, KGS 513500W, KGS 513503W