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All the features and benefits of Diamond Advance™ Pipettors, Diamond Pro™ Pipettors, and Globe Scientific Pipette Tips PLUS:

Efficiency – Each starter pack includes four sizes of pipettors enabling volumes from 0.5uL to 1000uL, a pipet stand, and a full box of tips for each size! That’s 36 racks of tips… enough to really get work done.

Savings – Four high performance pipettors, the stand, and tips for less than normal price of pipettors alone!

Choice – Starter packs are available with either Diamond Advance™ Ultralight High Performance Pipettors or Diamond Pro™ High Performance Pipettorsto meet nearly all performance needs and price points.

Quality – Starter packs include Globe Scientific Certified pipette tips that are certified sterile, RNase, DNase, Pyrogen, DNA, and PCR inhibitor free… making them suitable for the most critical research.

Accuracy – Pipettors are calibrated in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory and both Diamond Advance™ and Diamond Pro™ pipettors have padded handles to reduce heat transfer for consistant accuracy.

Item No. Description Unit Price
KGS 3341-Combo Pipette Kit, Diamond ADVANCE Adjustable Volume Pipettors: 0.5-10uL, 2-20uL, 20-200uL, 100-1000uL, Racked Low Retention Tips: 10uL, 20uL, 200uL, 1250uL and 6-Place Carousel Stand Each $799.00


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KGS 3341-Combo