WPT/4P/H Stainless Steel Pallet Scales



Pallet scales is stable and proved 4 load cell construction designed for weighing pallets. The load to be weighed can be placed on the platform by a standard fork-lift truck. Pallet scales WPT/4P/H series is manufactured in stainless steel technology.

The WPT/4P/H series features wheels and handles for easy transporting the scales to its place of use. The scales comes standard with an indicator PUE C/31 H series featuring backlit LCD display and function buttons. The indicator is installed on a long cable.
The scale is powered from mains 230V AC, RS 232 interface comes standard.

Scales is available in dual range version on surcharge.

Product name
Maximum capacity [Max]
Readability [d]
Weighing pan dimensions
KR WPT/4P 600H 600 kg 200 g 860?1200 mm
KR WPT/4P 1500H 1500 kg 500 g 860?1200 mm
KR WPT/4P 2000H 2000 kg 1000 g 860?1200 mm
KR WPT/4P 3000H 3000 kg 1000 g 860?1200 mm


Additional information

product name

KR WPT/4P 600H, KR WPT/4P 1500H, KR WPT/4P 2000H, KR WPT/4P 3000H