WPT/8B 300C Ramps Bed Scale




Maximum capacity [Max]: 300kg

Readability [d]: 100g

Ramp bed scale is designed to weigh a patient who lies on a bed. The construction of the bed scale enables its application for various types of beds and it is not depend on installed braking systems. Long beams of the WPT/8B series ensure measurement of bed?s mass independently on location. Adjustable distance between the beams (up to 2,5 meters) is appropriate for different types of beds.
The WPT/8B scale features an indicator PUE C/31 series with backlit LCD display and 5-button keyboard. The scale is powered by mains and by accumulators 6 ? AA installed inside indicator’s housing.The bed scales utilizes the most recent technologies on load cell design, providing:

  • light construction (single beam mass is approximately 8 kg);
  • ease of transportation;
  • easy running onto the beams (beam height: approximately 18mm).