WPY Scales for PGC




Scales WPY/KTP series for control of packed goods (CPG) in single stand version.

WPY/KTP is equipped with modules that put packed products control into practice. The module is supported by database containing products and operators lists. A control started by the scale is automatically stopped after controlling pre-defined quantity of packages (samples). Number of the packages is fixed by scale program depending on product batch size. Scales are equipped with 5,7″ colourful, graphic touch screen display for previewing information concerning currently performed control and its result.

Control cycle runs according to the following scheme:
– operator choice,
– product choice,
– control start,
– acquiring weighing records,
– automatic control end after certain packages number,
– control report print.

Each carried out control is ended with a final report containing all information that is necessary for prepacked products control report. The report is automatically saved in scale memory and at the same time it can be printed by printer connected to scale.

Scale WPY/KTP in single stand version for control of prepacked products is supported by computer application “ViewerKTP” . It is used for monitoring and/or printing of products’ control reports and packages’ tares from completed controls. The reports are printed on a printer connected to computer.

Scale coupling with computer program enables:
– keeping weighing records from successive weighments in the database,
– automatic printout of control processes from computer software level,
– sending user defined codes from scale to computer software; the codes match weighed product (product code, operator code, batch quantity, batch no., control Start/Stop),
– defining product codes and their descriptions (names) from the level of computer program, therefore user can assign an individual product name suitable for the company’s branch.

Product name
Maximum capacity [Max]
Readability [d]
Weighing pan dimensions
KR WPY 0,6/1,5/PGC/D2 0,6/1,5 kg 0,2/0,5 g 195×195 mm
KR WPY 1,5/3/PGC/D2 1,5/3 kg 0,5/1 g 195×195 mm
KR WPY 3/6/PGC/F1/R 3/6 kg 1/2 g 300×300 mm
KR WPY 3/6/PGC/D2 3/6 kg 1/2 g 195×195 mm
KR WPY 3/6/PGC/F1/K 3/6 kg 1/2 g 300×300 mm
KR WPY 6/15/PGC/F1/R 6/15 kg 2/5 g 300×300 mm
KR WPY 6/15/PGC/F1/K 6/15 kg 2/5 g 300×300 mm
KR WPY 15/30/PGC/F1/R 15/30 kg 5/10 g 300×300 mm
KR WPY 15/30/PGC/C2/K 15/30 kg 5/10 g 400×500 mm
KR WPY 15/30/PGC/F1/K 15/30 kg 5/10 g 300×300 mm
KR WPY 15/30/PGC/C2/R 15/30 kg 5/10 g 400×500 mm
KR WPY 30/60/PGC/C2/R 30/60 kg 10/20 g 400×500 mm
KR WPY 30/60/PGC/C2/K 30/60 kg 10/20 g 400×500 mm


Additional information

product name

KR WPY 0,6/1,5/PGC/D2, KR WPY 1,5/3/PGC/D2, KR WPY 3/6/PGC/F1/R, KR WPY 3/6/PGC/D2, KR WPY 3/6/PGC/F1/K, KR WPY 6/15/PGC/F1/R, KR WPY 6/15/PGC/F1/K, KR WPY 15/30/PGC/F1/R, KR WPY 15/30/PGC/C2/K, KR WPY 15/30/PGC/F1/K, KR WPY 15/30/PGC/C2/R, KR WPY 30/60/PGC/C2/R, KR WPY 30/60/PGC/C2/K