3Y Database Editor PC Software




Database Editor 3Y is a freeware offered and intended to carry out database operations on balances 3Y series. The software enables reading database status on a computer connected to a balance, editing selected databases using the software interface and saving databases from a computer on a connected balance.
The software does not support simultaneous operation with multiple balances!

The Database Editor cooperates with balance software version L.1.2.0. and newer.


Functionality of Database Editor 3Y:

  • Reading databases from a balance 3Y series and saving data in memory of a computer software;
  • Editing databases (adding, deleting and editing database records): Products, Operators, Clients, Formulas, Pipettes, Batches, Packaging, Warehouses, Printouts, Universal variables (and Drying modes ? in case of a moisture analyzer 3Y series);
  • Saving databases from a computer software in a connected balance 3Y series;
  • Connecting with balances 3Y series via interfaces: Ethernet and RS 232;
  • The freeware is available in two language versions: Polish and English.