5mL Macrocentrifuge Tubes with Screw Cap


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An efficient and economic alternative to 15mL conical tubes when working with sample volumes between 2.0 and 5.0mL.

With the same diameter and conical shape as a 15mL tube, the shorter 5.0mL macrocentrifuge tubes:

  • Produced from polypropylene (PP) with polyethylene (PE) screw cap
  • Single turn threaded caps seal easily and securely
  • Graduated in 0.5mL increments
  • Available sterile in bags or foam racks and non-sterile with tubes and caps packaged separately
  • Suitable for use from -86° to 80°C for low temperature sample storage, general laboratory uses, or boiling procedures
  • Spin up to 25,000 x g with proper support in appropriate rotor
Item No. Description Unit
KGS 111580 5mL Macrocentrifuge Tube and RED Screw Cap Packed Separately, Non-Sterile Case of 500
KGS 111580RS 5mL Macrocentrifuge Tube w/ RED Screw Cap Assembled, Foam Rack, Gamma Sterile Case of 500
KGS 111580S 5mL Macrocentrifuge Tube, w/ RED Screw Cap Assembled, Sterile, Bag Case of 200

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KGS 111580, KGS 111580RS, KGS 111580S


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