AK-4 Automatic Mass Comparators


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Automatic mass comparator AK-4/100 series is intended to automatic determination of weights mass deviations with operator’s activity limited to the minimum. The comparator enables determining deviations of three tested weights in a single cycle. AK-4/100 is designed to compare weights from 10 g to 100 g. The instrument is commonly applicable in mass measuring laboratories, and particularly in certification units for weights classes E and F.

Design and functionality:
The supervising part of the mass comparator is a digital module which cooperates with a controller of instrument’s mechanical components. The digital module and the automatic loader are located in mass comparator’s weighing chamber. The instrument is operated by means of digital display which is plugged to mass comparator’s controller. The supervising elements are not integrated with mass comparator’s mechanical parts, thus enabling separation of instrument’s weighing chamber from ambient conditions influence.


Product name
Maximum capacity [Max]
Readability [d]
Weighing pan dimensions
KR AK-4/100 110 g 0,001 mg ø30 mm
KR AK-4/1001 1,02 kg 0,001 mg ø50 mm
KR AK-4/1000 1,02 kg 0,005 mg ø50 mm
KR AK-4/2000 2,05 kg 0,01 mg ø70 mm
KR AK-4/5000.1 5,05 kg 0,1 mg ø70 mm
KR AK-4/5000 5,05 kg 0,01 mg ø70 mm
KR AK-4/10000 10,02 kg 0,01 mg ø100 mm

Additional information

product name

KR AK-4/100, KR AK-4/1001, KR AK-4/1000, KR AK-4/2000, KR AK-4/5000.1, KR AK-4/5000, KR AK-4/10000


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