AKM-2 Automatic Mass Comparators




Mass comparator AKM-2/10 series featuring automatic mass loader enables automatic determination of mass deviations of a single weight in a single cycle. The system of automatic mass comparator is commonly applicable in mass measuring laboratories, and particularly in certification units for weights classes E and F.

Design and functionality:

The supervising part of a mass comparator is a digital module which cooperates with a controller of instrument?s mechanical components. The automatic mass loader features a basis with self-centring fields, a robot and a steel body. The digital module and the robot are located in mass comparator?s weighing chamber. The loading robot is controlled by the computer?s controller. The instrument is operated by means of digital display which is plugged to mass comparator?s controller.

Lengthwise shift of the loading robot with weights is carried out automatically using solenoid actuators. Additional software functions enable loading and taking off the weights, data processing and storing, and data export to instrument?s memory.


Product name
Maximum capacity [Max]
Readability [d]
Weighing pan dimensions
KR AKM-2/10 10,2 kg 0,1 mg ?90 mm
KR AKM-2/20.5 20,5 kg 0,1 mg ?90 mm
KR AKM-2/20.1 20,5 kg 0,1 mg ?90 mm
KR AKM-2/50 51 kg 1 mg ?100 mm

Additional information

product name

KR AKM-2/10, KR AKM-2/20.5, KR AKM-2/20.1, KR AKM-2/50