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The series of MUYA electromagnetic high resolution modules is designed to be incorporated into customer’s weighing systems.

A new generation’s MUYA 2.4Y ultra-microbalance module is designed to fulfill our customers’ high expectations regarding mass measurements carried out with the greatest precision. The system of internal adjustment improves the quality of work even more by affecting measurements results. Operation of MUYA electromagnetic high resolution module is based on an electromagnetic digital converter. Compact design and inbuilt electronics ensure great possibilities when it comes to module’s adaptation capabilities.

Due to high precision of a measurement it is recommended to build the module into the customer’s device (e.g. anti-draft chamber), thus limiting ambient conditions influence.

Power supplier for MUYA weighing module comes standard.


Product name
Maximum capacity [Max]
Readability [d]
Weighing pan dimensions
KR MUYA 2.4Y 2,1 g 0,1 µg ø 16 mm
KR MUYA 5.4Y 5,1 g 1 µg ø 26 mm

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