PS 3Y Balances for PGC




PS 3Y balance has an implemented module for control of packaged goods, which is supported by a database with list of operators and products. An effect of a control is a final report printed on a Kafka printer connected to weighing set.

The cycle of control runs with the following schema:
– choice of material
– choice of operator
– start of control
– collecting measurements
– automatic finish of control after taking set quantity of measurements
– print of report from the control.

PS 3Y balance is equipped with 5,7” touch screen display, which indicates current stage of running control and its result. Each performed control is finished with a report which can be printed on a Kafka printer.
PS 3Y balance additionally allows for sending the memory content to a computer in random moment of operation. The balance can be operated also by PS/2 keyboard connected to a balance.


Product name
Maximum capacity [Max]
Readability [d]
Weighing pan dimensions
KR PS 750.3Y.PGC Balance 750 g 0,01 g 128×128 mm
KR PS 1500.3Y.PGC Balance 1500 g 0,1 g 195×195 mm
KR PS 2500.3Y.PGC Balance 2500 g 0,1 g 195×195 mm
KR PS 4500.3Y.PGC Balance 4500 g 0,1 g 195×195 mm


Additional information

product name

KR PS 750.3Y.PGC Balance, KR PS 1500.3Y.PGC Balance, KR PS 2500.3Y.PGC Balance, KR PS 4500.3Y.PGC Balance