UMA Automatic Mass Comparators



Mass comparators of UMA 5 series stand for the highest standard of professional automatic mass comparators.
They provide comparison of 1 mg ? 5 g weights of E1 and lower classes.
The device is equipped with 36 magazine positions allowing to deposit up to 36 weights. This solution allows to perform either comparison for complete set of weights carried out within one process or comparison for just a few weights of the same mass.
Owing to elimination of human factor and with temperature changes and air drafts reduced to zero, UMA automatic mass comparators provide the highest possible measurement repeatability.


Product name
Maximum capacity [Max]
Readability [d]
Weighing pan dimensions
KR UMA 5 5,1 g 0,0001 mg ?20 mm
KR UMA 100 110 g 0,001 mg ?20 mm
KR UMA 1000 1060 g 0,005 mg ?50 mm

Additional information

product name

KR UMA 5, KR UMA 100, KR UMA 1000