HY10 Multifunctional Scales




Multifunctional scales HY10 series is designed to fast and precise determination of mass in industrial conditions. The HY10 scales features terminal PUE HY10 series in stainless steel housing and a single load cell weighing platform in mild steel powder coated version.
The HY10 series scales features mild steel powder coated construction with stainless steel weighing platform. The terminal PUE HY10 series features a 10,1? colourful touch screen display, keyboard with numeric and function keys.
The scales enable cooperating with an additional weighing platforms. Additionally, the HY10 series offers full functionality available in the terminal PUE HY10 series:
  • programmable display and function keys,
  • designing custom printout templates,
  • designing text data indicated on terminal display.
Multifunctional scales HY10 series are offered with a terminal connected to a weighing platform through a cable.
Scales HY10 series is available in dual range version on surcharge.
Product name
Maximum capacity [Max]
Readability [d]
Weighing pan dimensions
KR HY10.6.F1.K 6 kg 2 g 300?300 mm
KR HY10.15.F1.K 15 kg 5 g 300?300 mm
KR HY10.30.F1.K 30 kg 10 g 300?300 mm
KR HY10.30.C2.K 30 kg 10 g 400?500 mm
KR HY10.60.C2.K 60 kg 20 g 400?500 mm
KR HY10.150.C2.K 150 kg 50 g 400?500 mm
KR HY10.150.C3.K 150 kg 50 g 500?700 mm
KR HY10.300.C3.K 300 kg 100 g 500?700 mm
KR HY10.300.C2.K 300 kg 100 g 400?500 mm


Additional information

product name

KR HY10.6.F1.K, KR HY10.15.F1.K, KR HY10.30.F1.K, KR HY10.30.C2.K, KR HY10.60.C2.K, KR HY10.150.C2.K, KR HY10.150.C3.K, KR HY10.300.C3.K, KR HY10.300.C2.K